Safety Considerations When Working around Centerless Grinders Part 1: General Safety Measures

As with any machine tool, there are a number of safety guidelines that must be followed when operating a centerless grinding machine. Below are just a few of the common-sense safety basics for both novice and experienced centerless grinding machine users.  The first thing is to have a thorough understanding of how to properly operate your centerless grinder.  Always make sure to thoroughly read and understand your entire machine manual before operating your machine. Additionally, TGS' on-staff centerless grinding experts offer centerless grinder machine training. Have questions about centerless grinding?  Contact TGS

  • Wear safety glasses to protect the eyes from grinding grit, material in the atmosphere or chips that could be propelled into eyes.
  • Do not wear loose fitting clothing such as ties and long sleeves. These can become entangled in grinding wheels, levers, or hand wheels on the machine and lead to serious injury.
  • Always use power hoist for lifting heavy objects.  This can help avoid back injury.
  • When lifting, use the leg muscles and not the back muscles
  • When cleaning the machine after the day’s operations, use a brush instead of compressed air to avoid chips and dirt from entering eyes.
  • Always keep working area clean. Dirty work areas with such hazards as oil or water on the floor will cause someone to fall.
  • Always wear safety shoes to prevent damage to the feet if an object falls or is dropped. 

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